Feature Story Springfield Eclipse

Visitors and locals find Springfield to be a 'perfect spot' to see the moon eclipse the sun

At least 800 people turn out to see the eclipse and partake of the planned festivities that featured food trucks and vendors, lawn games, partnerships from the Clark County Combined Health District and the Springfield Public Library Bookmobile, and live music from the local band After Rain.

Feature Story Bus system springfield

Springfield transportation system to make the move away from big buses to microtransit on demand

Bus routes will be phased out and replaced with an on-demand ride service as Springfield responds to the needs to employers, workers, and other transit riders.  

Feature Story Eclipse Springfield

If you don’t stare at it, total eclipse could prove to be good for you as it fascinates

A total solar eclipse produces a sense of awe that brings together those who see it. 

Feature Story Eclipse over Springfield

Eclipse Over Springfield: Tourists expected to turn out for local celestial celebration

Visit Greater Springfield is a host of the Eclipse Over Springfield celebration from noon to 4 p.m. April 8 at the National Road Commons Park, located downtown at 21 Mill Run Place. Food trucks and vendors will be present, along with live music, lawn games for children and eclipse viewing glasses.

Feature Story Eclipse over springfield

Here’s where to view the April 8 total solar eclipse in Springfield

Clark County falls within the line of totality and will see complete darkness for 2 minutes and 37 seconds beginning at 3:10 p.m. The eclipse will begin at 1:54 p.m. in Springfield and the totality will start at 3:10 p.m.

Longform Drones in Springfield Schools

Reaching new heights: Local students learn valuable lessons from School of Innovation drone classes

Springfield City School District’s School of Innovation is helping highschool students reach even higher heights in their education with drone classes. Unmanned aerial systems classes provide 10-12 graders with hands-on experience flying drones, and preparing them for a growing workforce.

Feature Story People, Parks, Power Survey

People, Parks, Power: Survey shows how residents use parks and what would increase participation

The People, Parks, and Power survey about park accessibility, programming, safety, and amenities focused on the southside of Springfield.

Feature Story Mercy Walk In Ccare

The whole family can get walk-in care for seasonal ailments at Mercy Health clinic

Walk-in care is similar to urgent care in that you don’t need an appointment, but your appointment is treated just like a primary care provider's office visit. You get the same accessibility of urgent care at a more affordable cost. 

Feature Story Chris Cook new county health commissioner

New county health commissioner will work to create programs that support healthy behaviors

Lifelong Clark County resident Chris Cook looks forward to doing important work as health commissioner for the Clark County Combined Health District.

Feature Story Grannies Gone Green

Be the change: Grannies Gone Green work to make Springfield the cleanest little town around

When it comes to making a difference and a cleaner community, Grannies Gone Green say there's no need for a board of directors and their longwinded meetings. Instead they spread the word, hit the block, and get work done. 

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