Feature Story Dan and Lisa Freeman have figured out how to adapt their businesses amid COVID-19.

COVID-19 is hitting restaurants hard. Here's how two Springfield entrepreneurs are adapting

What do you do when you own two popular food businesses — with another restaurant about to open — and a pandemic upends the industry? Here's how two entrepreneurs are adapting in response to COVID-19.

Feature Story During a party, funnels are used to fill bags of shelf-stable food items. The bags are then packed in boxes that can be delivered to people and food pantries in a community designated by the business or organization that planned the party.

Pack Shack's micro packing parties encourage neighbors to help neighbors

The changes brought on by COVID-19 and social distancing created some new challenges for the organization, which usually thrives off bringing large groups of people together to help meet hunger needs.

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Owner of Itinerant Studio shifts gears to serve customers during COVID-19 downtime

Vicki Rulli — with the help of her husband and assistant — will turn family memories into works of art.

Feature Story Brother Paul Quenon

A monk shares his lessons from a life of quiet contemplation

Social distancing is new to many of us, but for Brother Paul Quenon, it’s been his life for 61 years.

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Need help or want to help? Here’s “The Hub’s” COVID-19 resource guide

Confused about where to go for the latest pandemic information and help? Here's a localized list to get you started.

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COhatch The Market to live stream Couch Fest concert

The nature of the COhatch coworking space is to bring people together through meetings, restaurants, a commercial kitchen, events, and more. But now, while people can’t literally gather, so COhatch The Market will live stream Couch Fest tonight.

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Lessons from Hong Kong: A former Ohio resident explains how DeWine’s response can help curb COVID-19

There’s a lot of information — and misinformation — out there. We’ve rounded up the facts for staying safe and healthy, plus a few ways to support the local economy.

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Agreeing to disagree: How can we put civility back into civic discourse?

Ohio groups are trying to turn the heat down on political discussion and find the ability to compromise that once made America and its political system a model for the world.

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Home with your kids? Make the most of it.

Liz McEwan, regular Soapbox contributor and homeschooling mom with four children, shares her survival tips for the upcoming weeks.

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