Chef Troy Wheat's delicious mix of menu items keep customers coming back for more

Chef Troy Wheat, owner of All Seasons Catering, 1928 Mitchell Blvd., in Springfield says everyone has a hidden talent. His just happens to be a knack for mixing ingredients and providing a variety of delicious meal options.

Wheat, originally from Toledo, has also cooked for restaurants in Columbus, and began his tenure in Springfield with a weekly food truck on South Limestone Street. Regular patrons encouraged him to open a store front – so he did, with the support of his wife, Nina, who is originally from Dayton.

“Soul food and Caribbean food options were lacking in Springfield,” says Wheat.

But Wheat’s talents in the kitchen aren’t limited to soul food and Caribbean options. Having worked at many restaurants prior to opening All Season, Wheat dabbles in all areas of cuisine, including Italian and Asian.

“I worked for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Cap City; I’ve been in many restaurants in my career … and wanted to bring Springfield different types of cuisine without the price point being too high.”

All Seasons offers a variety of different menu options on any given day.

“I switch the menu up; it’s not the same old thing,” says Wheat. “Everything is homemade. Our big hit is the rigatoni chicken with pepper cream sauce – I usually sell out of that every time.”

All Seasons also offers delectable desserts from Skye’s Sweets.

Wheat discovered his love for cooking through his mother and grandmother.

“It just came to me naturally as a God given gift,” Wheat says. “I come from a cooking background. With seven siblings, food was on the table at 6 p.m. I was the one who always wanted to help. It became my passion.”

Wheat says he has met many people and developed valuable relationships in Springfield, all via word of mouth.

And, his restaurant serves as a donation location where patrons can donate items for homeless community members.

“We try to get involved with things in the community,” he says. “We’re not just here to make money … Springfield has been good to us since we came here, and we want to give back.”

Wheat says the restaurant receives a lot of support from people of all walks of life.

While the All Seasons restaurant is where Wheat can be found on most days, his food truck will be on site at the The Gammon House, 620 Piqua Place, this Saturday for the Gammon Farmer’s Market event.

Wheat will also serve as a celebrity judge at the MustardFEST event sponsored by Woeber Mustard Company and The Greater Springfield Partnership on September 18 at Mother Stewart’s Brewing Company. Wheat will also give a cooking demonstration at MustardFEST.

“It’s blessing on top of blessings,” says Wheat. “We are trying to expand and grow. People still don’t know we’re here. We welcome everyone to our restaurant. Anyone who wants a good meal is welcome.”

All Seasons is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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